Courtney Love Controversial Or Overly Wise Bisexual

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I stumbled upon a picture of Courtney Love isn’t she hot in her see-through dress? As I was searching more about Courtney I found a controversial article about her, keep reading to know why she is the most controversial woman in the rock history!

Not my words but those of Rolling Stone Magazine.There are a plethora of adjectives to describe Courtney Love – blonde, musician, crackhead, actress, widow, mess – but one which is destined to forever be associated with the 47 year old is controversial. Courtney and controversy go together like lesbians and chequered shirts. This month sees the publication of a new interview with Love in Vanity Fair, which is surprising considering that in 1995 Love tried to hit journalist Lynn Hirschberg with Quentin Tarantino’s Oscar statue due to an article Hirschberg wrote in the same magazine claiming Love used heroin when pregnant with daughter Frances Bean. No longstanding grudge against Vanity Fair then.

The recent interview features Courtney stating that she wants to marry a rich British aristocrat because she is sick of dating men who are poorer than she is and that she has always been fascinated by British culture. Love also says that she blames herself for her practically non-existent relationship with her daughter, explaining that she now regrets not taking her to more musicals or reading to her more when she was a child. Courtney has had an eventful life to say the least but despite all the drama she has always managed to create great music. To date Hole have released seven albums and Courtney has released one solo album, the majority of which were met with critical acclaim.

I find Courtney fascinating and it seems I’m not alone.I read a recent interview with the design duo Meadham Kirchhoff where Edward Meadham talked about his obsession with Courtney: ‘She literally lives in my head, I talk to her all the time. She’s funny and nice- and a bitch. She’s incredibly intelligent and incredibly stupid.’ I draw the line at imaginary conversations but I think that’s partly what makes her so intriguing, she’s extremely clever but she repeatedly does stupid things. Her life is a little like a car crash, you’re never really sure what’s going to happen next or how it’ll all end. I am an avid reader of autobiographies and with Courtney set to pen her memoir after signing a book deal with Harper Collins I feel there will soon be another tome to add to my collection. Love, until next time.


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