Showing It Off

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Showing It Off

I’m a thirty nine year old artist with a rather deviant sexual imagination. My current girlfriend, June, is a young thirty, and the mother of two small children. She has recently separated from her husband, and since then I have concentrated on intensifying our relationship. Before and during her marriage, June had been rather timid and sexually naive, and I have taken great pains to re educate her, both in and out of the bedroom.

When we began living together I started encouraging June to wear revealing clothes which exposed her beautiful, hot body. I was surprised at how easily she took to it. All the inhibitions she once had seemed to gradually melt away. I was, and remain, quite happy with the way she has progressed.

My story begins one July weekend at the beach, when I asked June to wear a tiny thong bikini which I had bought for her. It was her first bikini. The suit, what little of it there was, was threaded with tiny turquoise beads, and the second I saw it I knew it would be perfect for June. I got a highly erotic charge when, at my request, she shed the beach robe she was wearing and put it on. The fact that she was gladly acceding to my wishes was as exciting to me as the sight of her body.

That incident planted a seed in both of us, which quickly grew into a love of mastery on my part and a desire for submission and exhibitionism on hers. June took to showing herself off as if it was second nature. I can’t begin to tell you how many extra trips she took back and forth along the boardwalk in that tiny bikini, with the excuse of getting soda, candy or ice cream. When she sprawled out on the sand, she absolutely reveled in showing it all off!

After that outing June got into exhibiting her body in a big way. She thought nothing of sunning topless in our yard, even though she could be seen by the neighbors, and when workers came to our apartment, she loved to tease them by walking around in nothing but a snug halter and shorts.

I’ve also been working on expanding her sexual boundaries. In the months we’ve been together I’ve transformed her into a wonderful cocksucker who now truly relishes the taste and feel of hot salty come. She always swallows unless I tell her not to, and she has also learned to take it up her tight little butt with great enthusiasm.

At one point she told me— not in a complaining way— that I was turning her into some kind of nympho. I immediately corrected her. “No,” I said, “I am turning you into a slut. My slut.” June was pleased and excited by my choice of words.

As a continuation of this endeavor, I soon began to share June with other men, always with her eager cooperation. Many of these men are black, and all of them are horny, well hung studs. And now it seems I’m constantly introducing my little pet to new and exciting experiences, most of which she had never dreamed of, let alone thought she’d actively participate in.

Last night I brought her a unique birthday gift. Lois is a petite brunette who literally reeks of sex. I made no pretense as to why I’d put her in June’s bed. She was there to fuck her, and fuck her good, and that was just what she did, thus exposing and encouraging my pet’s budding bisexuality. Lois is by nature a randy slut, and after a moment or two of initial awkwardness on June’s part, she got into it and they began kissing and touching. Soon they were going at it hot and heavy, and I watched proudly as Lois led a very willing June into an entirely new world, culminating with the two of them passionately fucking away at each other with opposite ends of a double dong that I had graciously provided for just that purpose.

I’m quite sure that Greg, June’s square ex husband, would hardly recognize the woman who now lives with me. Sometimes I’m tempted to package up a few of the many tapes we’ve made and send them to him just to blow his mind. One of these days I probably will.

Meanwhile June now leads two very different lives, one as a loving and devoted mother, and one as my obedient slut slave, both of which she takes great pride in. She often tells me that they are both vital parts of who she now is. I love the fact that during the day she will be feeding the kids or paying the bills, and that same night she will be suckling hungrily on the big dick of a man she has just met, while another guy preps her pussy or asshole for his own single minded enjoyment.

Recently we’ve been discussing the possibility of her taking up exotic dancing at a gentleman’s club, and perhaps even turning a trick or two along the way. June has truly become my slave, and in that capacity she constantly exceeds my every expectation. I have every hope that she will continue to do just that.— D.K., Ogden, Utah

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