7 Ways to Stimulate Erogenous Zones

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When it comes to your sex life, there’s the main attraction, and a few common à la carte additions: oral sex, hand jobs, fingering, and bringing sex toys into the equation. Yet when was the last time your friend dished over brunch mimosas about the world’s best inner thigh job? Yeah, we didn’t think so. And ditto for armpits, ear, and…you get the idea.

But as it turns out, drawing your attention to these often ignored erogenous zones can rev your S.O. and yourself up for some hot sex. To find the most surprising EZs to caress, we reached out to sex experts and psychologists for the steamiest regions on your body.


The Pubic Mound

It might not be the sexiest sounding body part, but this area above the pubic bone is cushioned with fatty tissue that can be a pretty electrifying spot when stimulated properly on both men and women. “Your pubic mound is connected to our genitals and sexual response thanks to sensitive nerve endings and glands that emit pheromones [chemicals your body produces that can trigger a sexual response from others], natural body scent, and sweat,” says Shannon Chavez, a psychologist and certified sex therapist in Los Angeles.

The Move: Start off by massaging the area with light pressure, which can work to increase arousal. “You can also lightly massage the tissue between your fingertips or gently suck and pull on the tissue with your mouth to create pleasurable sensations for your partner,” says Chavez. Roll your palm over their flesh to massage the tissue in different directions, and get a bit playful by taking your fingernails and lightly rubbing and scratching.


Just hear us out on this one. “It may seem a little intimidating to experiment with your partner’s armpit because most people steer clear of that area,” says Cory Beth Honickman, a relationship expert who’s known as the “Relationship Mentor to the Stars.” But if you can get past a little sweat, hair, and taboo, it’s a surefire way to turn someone on between the sheets.

The Move: Take the tips of your fingers and gently brush your partner’s under arms. First, lightly go up and down before shifting to a brisk, circular motion, paying close attention to what elicits the best response (clues like moans, heavier breathing, and a flushed face should give it away). “The sensation of being tickled teeters on the brink of sexually thrilling,” says Honickman. It’s playful, sure, but also seductive. “The experience can also be mutually relishable because the hormones that are released can be very intoxicating for the person performing the act as well!” Continue reading here.

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