What Size is Your Dick?

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Since the dawn of time, seemingly every male who has ever existed has been plagued by the same question: Does size matter? According to a new study from DrED.com, the answer might just be not as much as you’d think — but it greatly depends on where you’re from.


Based on data from 2,121 test subjects, the study hoped to discover what men and women believe the average penis length to be, as well as what they’d consider ideal. In their initial findings, they found that women believe the average penis size to be about 13.8 centimeters (5.4 inches), while men thought it would be about 14.1 centimeters (5.5 inches). (Neither were too far off from the actual average, which is 13.12 centimeters, or about 5.2 inches.)


When it came to ideal size, however, both went with the logic that “bigger is better”: Women increased their estimate by 2 centimeters (0.7 inch), while men increased theirs by 2.5 centimeters (0.9 inch).


They then decided to divide the data by country and found that perceived average and ideal penis size range drastically depending on location. Poland, for example, believes the average penis length to be 15.7 centimeters (6.1 inches) — almost an inch bigger than global estimates.

Along with the United States, Austria, and Italy, Poland also had the highest standards for ideal length, each clocking in at 17 centimeters (about 6.7 inches) or higher. The United Kingdom, on the other hand, reported the lowest numbers for both, at 12.4 centimeters (4.8 inches) for perceived average length and 14.2 centimeters (5.5 inches) for ideal size.


The study then went on to delve deeper into regional findings, including perceived average and ideal lengths by state. According to the study, Maine, Idaho, and Hawaii estimated the highest average length; and Nebraska, Arizona, and West Virginia estimated the lowest. Continue reading here.

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